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War Horse - National Tour

The 2011 Tony Award-winner for Best Play based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo.

My Space: Vintage Photos & Campfire Incense Help War Horse Tour Star Alex Morf Make a Cozy Backstage Home

As Albert Narracott in the national tour of War Horse, Alex Morf traverses war-torn Europe searching for his loyal horse, Joey. When he’s not crouched in World War I trenches on stage, Morf seeks the coziest of getaways backstage, filled with campfire scents and welcoming music. Below, the actor shares his dressing room must haves.

“I burn my balsam fir campfire incense to make every dressing room smell like home. I fire it up in its little log cabin holder, smoke rolls out of the chimney and before I know it, it feel like I’ve just thrown a log in the fireplace.”

“Never underestimate the importance of comfortable pants. One should never have to warm up for a performance in skinny jeans. To me, comfy pants are the secret to good preparation.”

“I always keep pictures of my Grandpa Martin, who fought for Germany in World War I, in my dressing room. He was around the same age as my character Albert when he joins. It reminds me that these events are real and strongly connected to my own life.”

“I always have books of poetry with me on tour. No matter how many times I’ve read a poem, each show I’m in allows me to read it differently with fresh eyes. It’s great for the imagination.”

“My guitar helps me when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I love to play everything from early honky-tonk music to Tom Waits. My castmates Megan Loomis, Nathan Koci and I have even started a band called The Dirty English.”

See Morf in War Horse at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center from June 25 through June 30.

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