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Catch Me If You Can - National Tour

A new musical based on the popular film from the team behind Hairspray!

Catch Me If You Can Tour Star Merritt David Janes Survives Road Life By Bribing Thai Policemen

In Catch Me If You Can, Merritt David Janes chases con man Frank Abagnale, Jr. all over the globe as FBI agent Carl Hanratty. In real life, Janes has racked up plenty of his own frequent flyer miles, not only on tour with Catch Me, but also in the international tour of Shrek and national tours of Sweeney Todd, Beauty and the Beast and The Wedding Singer. picked this road pro’s brain about what he has learned hitting the road in a big Broadway show.

The most efficient packing lesson I’ve learned is:
Don't forget your garment bag in the closet of your hotel room. That gets expensive. Always do a final walk through to make sure you have everything.

The fantasy vehicle I wish I could travel from city to city in:
Austin Powers' jumbo jet. Grrr, baby! Very Grrr!

My favorite roadside stop is:
Not a shopping mall. I feel like I've been to every mall in America. If you ever want to know how it feels to be in another state, just go to the mall and you will know. It's the closest thing to time travel, only it's not much fun.

My favorite castmate to travel with:
Nadia Vynnytsky and I travelled around the world in Shrek, and I’m so happy we are still touring together in Catch Me. We climbed up the Great Wall of China together! She is always a smiling ray of sunshine and such a positive part of the group.

When arriving in a new city, the most important thing to do is:
Avoid the places where one is most likely to die. They are usually pretty obvious. Also, avoid places that are boring and commercial. Adventure is about discovering new places and experiences. Don't waste your travels by confining yourself to a bubble of chain restaurants and tourist traps. Get a good view and some local flavor. Starbucks, McDonald's, Hard Rock Cafe and Gap are doing just fine. You can do better.

My most unexpected travel experience happened in:
I bribed a Thai policeman in Phuket on my way to join Shrek in Shanghai. He pulled me over for not wearing a helmet on my scooter and wanted to arrest me when I didn't have a Thai driver's license. The Thai equivalent to $20 fixed everything.

See Merritt David Janes in Catch Me If You Can when it lands at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center from December 18 through December 23.

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