Fox Cities

Blue Man Group - National Tour

Three enigmatic bald and blue characters show audiences an unforgettable time.

Creators of Long-Running Blue Man Group Reveal How the Perennial Show Keeps Its Act Fresh

Although Blue Man Group has been delighting audiences for years, there is nothing stale about this beloved and inventive show. The long-running hit, which plays the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center from October 9 through October 14, features three bald and blue individuals taking in the world around them, and (of course!) that world keeps changing. To keep it fresh, creators Chris Wink, Philip Stanton and Matt Goldman have added a big helping of new material. From cutting-edge technology (such as iPads) to winks at pop culture (think Lady Gaga), Blue Man Group continues to enthrall audiences around the globe. Take a look as chatted with the creators at Blue Man Group’s New York home at the Astor Place Theatre about the new tricks they pump into the show.

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