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West Side Story Star Ross Lekites on Handing Down His Pumpkin Costume and Halloween Failures

Halloween is the most theatrical holiday, so it makes perfect sense that Broadway actors—who know a thing or two about rocking a costume—would embrace the spooky season. We asked your favorite stage stars to share their memories of yummy treats, silly tricks and the best and worst costumes they ever wore. Read on for inspiration, and Happy Halloween!

ROSS LEKITES (Tony in the national tour of West Side Story)

What was your favorite Halloween costume of all time, and how old were you when you wore it?
My favorite costume, although I am sure I hated it at the time, is the pumpkin costume I wore when I was three [pictured above]. I think my days of wearing it have passed, but I plan to use it when I have kids.

What’s the most embarrassing Halloween costume you ever wore?
My most embarrassing, epic failure of a Halloween costume is as follows. A few years ago, my girlfriend, best friend and I were trying to think of a great costume idea for a trio. After a night of brainstorming, we came up with “three sheets to the wind,” which involved a baseball cap with a long stick duct taped to it, a sheet thrown over that with a hole cut out for our faces and 99 cent handheld fans from Walmart. After two minutes, the fans died and we looked like large-headed nuns.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy, and why?
Candy corn has to be my favorite because it reminds me of Halloween and of fall, which is my favorite season, and you can’t seem to get it any other time of year.

What is your favorite Halloween horror movie, and why?
It's a battle between Hocus Pocus and It for my favorite Halloween horror movie. They’re two completely different movies, but if I had to choose one I would have to go with Hocus Pocus, because I can still watch that one alone and not freak out.

What is your Halloween costume this year?
This year for Halloween, I plan on being Maurica, a popular YouTube character (a comedic, pre-op transsexual). If that fails, a group of us in the cast are going to be the cast of Saved By the Bell; I'm not sure if I'll be Zach or Screech.

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